Welcome to The TheHTMLCoder Blog! To mark a new beginning, this is the first post in our new blog section which will be an essential part of our website from now. We’re excited about launching this blog as it coincides with relaunching of our new website. The idea behind the blog is to figure out how to more effectively and efficiently connect with the community.

What To Expect

The plan is to build a resource repository where users can source information that will assist them in their Web projects. We will be continously posting on various topics related to the Internet and Web Development. We also plan to release free content from time to time for our readers that will benefit them immensely. The free content will range from Tips and Tricks, Online Services, Resource Lists, Coding Tutorials to Free WordPress Themes.

In addition to the above, we will also be blogging about Web Development tools that are useful in creating websites and web applications.

The blog will be divided into relevant categories for easy access to all the information.

How You Can Contribute

If you are a web developer, coder, a WordPress enthusiast or even a technical writer who wishes to contribute to the community, you can send us your articles. If we find them relevant and useful we will post them to our blog along with your bio and a link to your website.


We invite you to join us on our adventure as we explore how to create the best possible forum for discussion and information sharing. You are more than welcome to respond, add comments and suggestions to any articles on this blog.


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