If there was a way, you could learn, innovate, be more efficient and get information at the time and convenience you want? What if we tell you that you CAN do it! And that your answer lies in Podcasts! Podcasts have come to be the most sought-after way to boost creativity and enhance improvement on any topic. When it comes to WordPress which is an open source, everything around it is constantly evolving. So, if you work on WordPress, you need to keep evolving as well. So you need WordPress podcasts!

Be it on topics related to new coding techniques, changing design trends, site speed or to improve your business using WordPress. These WordPress Podcasts have you covered!

But, finding the right WordPress podcast that resonates with your needs is hard to come by! These podcasts come in all types!

We have made it easier for you by listing down the Best WordPress Podcasts you need in 2019!

Now you can understand all there is to WordPress by the touch of a finger

Here are the 30 Best WordPress Podcasts you need in your life!

1) WP Elevation

Who is it for:  WordPress Consultants
What it covers: Attracting clients, developing processes, the technology needed for the business, growth and creating revenue.

wpelevation podcast

Troy Dean, who is the creator of the WP Elevation Training Program
This WordPress podcast is for all the WordPress consultants who aim to ‘elevate’ their business. Covering topics such as digital marketing and growth. There are interviews by prominent WordPress entrepreneurs and has a luminous line of guests.

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2) Agency Trailblazer

Who is it for: Design and Web Agencies
What it covers: Project management, generating leads, growing your agency.

Agency Trailblazer Podcast

Agency life is taxing and 18-hour workday can be normal. Agency Trailblazer aims at helping its listeners build a road map. From building a unique agency to establishing a niche and making sure your company gives you revenue.
The idea in this WordPress podcast is to work smart in place of working hard!

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3) Developer Tea

Who is it for: WordPress Developers
What it covers: Information on coding tips, programming language, and business development.

Developer Tea podcast

It is a trusted source for WordPress developers, for meeting their purpose. This WordPress Podcast is a product of The Spec Network, that is an umbrella of designer and developer resources.

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4) How I built it

Who is it for: Any WordPress Professional
What it covers: Origin stories of themes and WordPress products

How I built it podcast

The difference between other WordPress websites and this one is that it focuses on how the guests built their WordPress products. Most of the tools and stories discussed can be of interest to any business related to WordPress who plans on growing. The essence of the WordPress podcast is to understand how an idea is brought to life and made into a full-fledged product.

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5) Kitchen Sink WP

Who is it for: People who want to know all things WordPress
What it covers: Hosting, Latest WordPress news, and events.

kitchensinkwp podcast

Adam Silver, the creator of Kitchen Sink WP was a photographer before he took to WordPress as a profession. And on this podcast, he discusses his journey of understanding the platform. The WordPress podcast has all the topics of relevance to WordPress users.

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6) LMS Cast

Who is it for: Developers who build online courses and websites
What it covers: Steps to build a learning community, create better courses

LMS Cast podcast

The Host Chris Badgett in this WordPress podcast helps users start their own online courses and classes using LMS (Learning Management System). The podcast covers educational matters within the CMS. All the podcasts come with a video counterpart.

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7) Matt Report

Who is it for: For anyone who is trying to build a business in/around WordPress
What it covers: tips and advice for anyone who is trying to build their business around WordPress

Matt Report podcast

The host Matt Madeiros started the blog fairly recently and it has gained immense popularity with over 200 episodes. If you want to understand the WordPress ecosystem better, this is the podcast for you. It focusses less on coding and tools and more on the practical and doable advice on how to run your WordPress based business.
From launching to growing your clientele to garnering profits. This WordPress Podcast covers it all.

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8) Officehours.fm

Who is it for:  Anyone interested in WordPress or building a business in WordPress
What it covers: Topics of interest to freelancers, plugin and theme developers, and WordPress business owners.

officehours podcast

This WordPress podcast has a huge repository of videos that can be of use to anyone who has a career in the platform. The host Carie Dils is a well-known figure in the WordPress community and she covers almost everything there is to WordPress as a platform.
Although the episodes have been irregular in production off-lately, there still is a lot of quality content available.

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9) Post Status Draft

Who is it for:  Generic WordPress Enthusiasts
What does it cover: Tips, tools, news, interviews and post status analysis around WordPress

poststatus draft podcast

The WordPress podcast started as a blog before it became what it is today. Hosted by Brian Krogsgard and Joe Hoyle, it covers all the tools and tips that can be useful for individuals whose work involves any aspect of the platform.

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10) The WordPress Chick/ Kim Doyal

Who is it for: Listeners who want to learn about content marketing.
What it covers: Tips related to growth through marketing

wpchick podcast

The podcast directly relates to content marketing, be it for your business related to WordPress or any other general business. WordPress themes and plugins are not of direct focus but do get an occasional mention in line with marketing. The topics on this WordPress podcast are non-technical in nature and cover interviews with experienced guests.

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11) WP e-Commerce Show and Do The Woo

Who is it for? DIY WordPress users, designers, and developers, e-commerce marketers.
What it covers? Commercialize popular WordPress Services, UX design, content strategy.

WP e-Commerce Show and Do The Woo

Host Jason Tucker brings in a light-hearted infotainment show with some of the biggest names in the WordPress community. The topics range from everything related to the platform in a standard 30-minute episode.
This WordPress podcast talks about the tips, practices, and ways to optimize the power of the CMS.

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12) WP Water Cooler

Who is it For? WordPress developers and designers
What does it cover? Technical aspects of design, development, covers everything in WordPress from installation to publish.

Host Jason Tucker brings in a light-hearted infotainment show with some of the biggest names in the WordPress community. The topics range from everything related to the platform in a standard 30-minute episode.
This WordPress podcast talks about the tips, practices, and ways to optimize the power of the CMS.

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13) Your Website Engineer

Who is it for: WordPress beginners and DIY WordPress users
What does it cover:  Broad topics to build your WordPress website


Dustin Hartzler is the host of this WordPress podcast that deals with topics related to creating high-quality websites. The content of each podcast is highly focused on one particular topic to give a complete insight into it. The primary goal is to polish the skills of anyone who wants to use WordPress.

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14) The Get Option Podcast

Who is it for: Users who want a more listener centric approach
What does it cover: Latest news and happenings in the world of WordPress, Q&A sessions with the listeners.

The Get Option Podcast podcast

This WordPress podcast is hosted by two men- Adam Silver of the kitchen sink and Kyle Maurer who owns a marketing firm. A typical episode runs around the conversation between the guys on the latest news related to WordPress and they later take questions from their listeners. These hour-long episodes have content that can range from any topic as the focus is listener based.

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15) Invisible Office Hours

Who is it for: Entrepreneurs and Self-employed creatives
What does it cover: Topics that are off the norm and not covered in general podcasts.

Invisible Office Hours podcast

This WordPress podcast has a distinctive style of publishing, they come out with an entire season of episodes in one go. Although, it is not strictly WordPress based, there are topics that can be of benefit to entrepreneurs and individuals who are planning on building a business from scratch.

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16) WordPress Weekly

Who is it for: WordPress designer, developers, and consultants
What does it cover: Latest changes in Automattic and everything latest happening in the platform

WordPress Weekly podcast

WordPress Weekly is produced under the WP Tavern. One thing assured this podcast is run by minds who understand the platform better than all the others. The topics on this WordPress podcast can range from everything that involves and interviews with the brightest minds in the WordPress community.

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17) Hello, WordPress

Who is it for: WordPress Professionals as well as beginners
What does it cover: Beginners concepts, as well as technical topics, meant for WordPress professionals

Hello, WordPress podcast

This WordPress podcast is the perfect example of bringing beginners and professionals under one umbrella. It is hosted by Josh and Micah Dailey. Where the former deals with topics that are tailored for individuals who have an in-depth knowledge of the platform, the latter deals with beginners who want to dive into it.
The refreshing episodes had a high point with Matt Mullenweg coming in as a guest on one of the episodes.

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18) WordPress, the Podcast

Who is it for: WordPress enthusiasts who have limited time to devote
What does it cover: Everyday sessions on everything related to WordPress

WordPress, the Podcast

The hosts of this WordPress podcast David Blackmon and Tim Strifler have brought in a very integral element with themselves- a short running time. The podcasts are aired daily, but only for a span of 5 minutes. They pick up on a variety of topics related to WordPress in a short and crisp manner.

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19) Hallway Chats

Who is it for: Individuals who want WordPress users’ point of view.
What does it cover: Viewpoints of individuals who use WordPress in their daily life.

The hosts of the WordPress podcast Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey have brought in a breath of fresh air. They talk about all things WordPress, but from the point of view of the people who use the platform in their daily lives.
These people come from all walks of life and what unites them is WordPress. The podcast receives its edge from this factor.

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20) Press This on Webmaster Radio.fm

Who is it for: For interest in everything WordPress
What it Covers: It covers all aspects of WordPress

Press This on Webmaster Radio.fm podcast

Webmaster Radio.fm is a radio channel that has multiple shows, hosting multiple guests and is sure to help you get the topic you want to listen about.
‘Press this’ is a show that is made by the team at WP Engine and talks on all things WordPress.

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21) Turn Up the Signal

Who is it for? For a listener centric approach
What it covers? Journey as a WordPress developer, Q&A sessions

Turn Up the Signal podcast

Tom McFarlin is a well-known name in the WordPress community and is one of the brightest brains. His WordPress podcast is fairly new on the circuit and mainly deals with his journey as an independent developer. A part of his show is dedicated to the questions and discussions extended by the listeners and thus, it offers a holistic view.

22) WPMMR: WordPress Monthly Recurring Revenue

Who is it for? Individuals who want a stable income out of WordPress
What does it cover? Insights to monetize WordPress

WPMMR WordPress Monthly Recurring Revenue

Christie Chirinos and Joe Howard help individuals get what everyone desires from their WordPress related business? A stable revenue.
This is a light-hearted WordPress podcast with a range of Star Wars references. So, pick up your lightsabers and earn some bucks!

23) Women in WP

Who is it for: People who want to know everything WordPress
What does it cover: Women who develop, design and blog

Women in WP

There are a lot of amazing women in the WordPress community who are doing excellent work. Amy Masson, Tracy Apps, and Angela Bowman have done a wholesome effort to bring together women who are designing, developing and marketing in the platform on this WordPress podcast.

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24) Apply Filters (Available on i-tunes)

Who is it for: WordPress developers
What does it cover: Coding, development in WordPress core, theme and plugins


Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson are the hosts and cover all aspects of development in WordPress. They are open in their view that they are not catering to the non-technical audience. This WordPress podcast has guests to talk about their stories in development.

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25) Dradcast

Who is it for: WordPress community on the whole
What does it cover: News, events and other topics of interest

dradcast podcast

Dradcast is hosted by Dre Armada and Brad Williams who partner in WebDev Studios. This is a weekly podcast that talks about everything that can be discussed under the umbrella of WordPress. There are guests who come in for discussions and to share their insights on this WordPress Podcasts.

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26) WordPress cast.fm

Who is it for: WordPress Professionals
What does it cover: Topics for designers, developers, consultants, and users.

The WordPress podcast is hosted by Doug Yuen and David Hehenberger. Drawing on the experiences of both the hosts as well as the guests, the podcast covers all the aspects of designing, creation, business development and developers in WordPress.

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27) Mastermind.fm (i-tunes)

Who is it for? WordPress Entrepreneurs
What does it cover? WordPress Business Models


With a lot of podcasts in the WordPress entrepreneurial space, this one is fairly new. Hosts, James Laws and Jean Galea cover all aspects that one needs to successfully run their ventures in this WordPress Podcast.

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28) WP Roundtable

Who is it for? WordPress Enthusiasts
What does it cover? WordPress Panel Discussions


WordPress Roundtable has influential names in the WordPress community come and engage in a panel discussion that can range from a variety of topics related to WordPress. Hosted by Jason Crawford and Kyle Maurer, this is a one-stop podcast to get an insight into a variety of views related to a particular topic. This is a different approach in the field of WordPress podcasts.

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29) WP Dev Table

Who is it for? For WordPress Enthusiasts
What does it cover? Panel Discussions on WordPress


This panel discussion is hosted by James Resnick and Bronson Quick in a light-hearted tone. The topics on this WordPress Podcast range from news, themes, plugins, current trends, changes in the core software and developing ideas.

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30) Imagely

Who is it for? Photography Enthusiasts
What does it cover? Tips and insights for Photography based ventures

Imagely podcast

Are you a photographer and have a website on WordPress? Then imagely is the WordPress podcast for you! A NextGen plugin is a venture of the same company. Get your website in line with the tips and trends from imagely.

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Wrapping up!

Clearly, podcasts are modern radios! One can get to know all that they want, on the topics they want and in the way they want at the touch of a finger with WordPress podcasts. Getting WordPress related podcasts to understand the trends of the industry is the edgiest and the most convenient way forward!
What kind of WordPress Podcasts are your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments section below!

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